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material passport for urban mining environment



development material passport for urban mining environment for ABN-AMRO in cooperation with de Architecten CIE en Cad&Company




Initiated by de Architecten CIE, Rendemint was asked to develop an urban mining passport financed by ABN-AMRO. For the 3D solution and BIM models Cad&Company was asked to cover that part. CIE, C&C and Rendemint are now developing an overall instrument that covers the existing and new build environment. 

While CIE overlooks design and connection with information standards like STABU, Bouwbreed etc., C&C focusses on 3D and the connection with a 3D viewer where elements can be clicked for information and Rendemint focusses on the possibilities for capturing 2D information for all existing buildings where no 3D or BIM models are available and provides a search engine to access all 2D and 3D information without the need for (3D) software or any knowledge.

This project is one of the steps ABN-AMRO is taking to jumpstart the circular economy. The first project for the Urban mining tool will be ABN-AMRO's own circular pavilion that recently was named CIRCL. on June 23rd, all parties that participated in this building will come together for a kick-off meeting to start filling the passport and disclose urban mining element information.

With the tool, in the near future, elements can be found and already reserved while still in use in one building, to be reused in another building that yet's to be build. With closing these (for now mostly linear extended) cycles the possibilities for a true circular economy becomes a little bit clearer on the circular horizon.

With the urban mining tool reUse of elements becomes accessible. The tool will provide as a 'building elements exchange'.

Second half 2017 a platform will be made public for the tool.

The 2D tool, database and search engine are based on the PRP® software for circular e-procurement.